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Why react is so widely adopted by web developers

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A Brief History of React.js

Facebook developed React.js in 2011 for internal use. All of you know that Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites available today. It was first used by Instagram, a Facebook subsidiary, in 2012.

Facebook opened-sourced React.js in 2013. The developer community first disapproved since it combined JavaScript and Markup in one file. However, when more individuals tried it, they began to support the component-centric strategy for segregating concerns. Many large companies began using React.js in their production environments in 2014.

Facebook also made React Native open source in 2015. It is a package that enables us to use React.js to build native mobile apps for Android and iOS. Semantic Versioning was introduced to React.js in 2016 with version 15. Additionally, this contributed to the development community’s perception that React was more stable. Today, many Fortune 500 organizations employ React.js. Facebook employs React developers full-time. They regularly publish bug fixes, blog posts, enhancements, and documentation.

Why react is so widely adopted by web developers


Easiest Learning Curve

Compared to well-known frontend frameworks like Angular and Vue js, React is significantly more straightforward to learn. It is a significant factor in why React gained such rapid popularity. Businesses and major brands are more likely to choose React since it is a simple framework to learn and use. Reactjs is simple to learn for developers. It only needs a basic understanding of CSS and HTML. React javascript examples are simple to implement because they mainly deal with the view layer. Hire engineers with strong JS and HTML skills if you’re a startup owner and want a smooth React JavaScript deployment.

Simplified Supportability

I am creating dynamic web applications that used to be somewhat challenging, especially when using a lot of HTML tags & strings. But by introducing JSX, react demystifies the entire procedure while adding more functionality and requiring less work.

JavaScript XML, or JSX for short, is a syntactic extension for the JavaScript language more comparable to HTML or XML syntax and is frequently used by developers to generate React components quickly. It accepts HTML quotes & tag syntax to render specific subcomponents. To establish the coexistence with javascript code, it has been expanded to ECMAScript 6.


By providing a cross-browser interface to a native event, React is compliant with the W3C object model event system without any incompatible event names or fields. Additionally, event delegation, which uses a pool of event objects to run the event system, reduces the overhead memory.

SEO friendly

Search engine optimization is the key to success for internet businesses. React speeds up page loading compared to other frameworks, which considerably helps other companies get a position on the Google Search Engine page.

Develops rich user interfaces

The user interface’s quality is essential in today’s world. An application’s chances of success are reduced if it is poorly developed. However, if the program is flawlessly built, users would adore using it. React enables the creation of beautiful user interfaces.

Clean Abstraction

One of react’s most impressive features is a clean abstraction. It doesn’t require in-depth familiarity with specialized design architectures like MVC, MVVM, or MVP. By just comprehending the components’ life cycles, properties, and states, you can create a new app using this framework.

Indeed, anyone can quickly understand the reactjs framework and create a Web application based on the desired app architecture and business needs.

Better code stability 

Changes to the child structure won’t impact the parent structure because React observes downward structure. Performance is smoother, and code stability is improved as a result.

Data Binding

It would help if you controlled state complexity to scale an application. To implement data binding, Facebook developed a unique architecture known as FLUX. A pattern architecture called Flux is employed to manage the components’ data flow. The dispatcher is the only control point that each action passes through. Then, view and store. The one-way data binding functionality makes troubleshooting each independent component in a sizeable reactjs application simple.

Strong community support

It would help if you used react for your project because of the community’s strong support for the framework. On Github, React currently has 136,079 stars. For React, experts are also offering tutorials and Q&A. So, if you ever run into a problem while using react, our professionals can quickly fix it.

Has useful developer toolset

It’s vital to understand new technology and be able to use them in practical situations. Facebook has updated the React JS framework with powerful React development tools. These tools enable developers to inspect components, observe hierarchies, and comprehend parent and child components.

Where To Use React JS?

Here are some fantastic suggestions for you if you’re questioning what kinds of websites and applications you may use to build reactjs:

Productivity app

React js may be used to create features like notetaking, team management, project management, task management, and many more. Productivity apps are simple to create. The popular React js applications Todoist, Notion, Things, etc.

Entertainment app

React.js is used to build popular entertainment applications such as Spotify, tiktok, and Netflix. It is one of the most diverse categories and offers you a fantastic opportunity to interact with consumers by incorporating elements like likes, comments, and subscriptions.

Developing messaging app

Free texting services like WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook Messenger have grown commonplace. Because they are instant messaging platforms, they may offer users quick customer service. Constant communication enables you to address issues as they arise. A React native web-packaged messaging app can be created for both the web and mobile devices.

Social media application

The most OK applications to build using reactjs are those for social media. Reactjs is a good tool for developing feature-rich applications to develop capabilities like posting text and media files, live feeds, allowing users to like and comment on the posts, and user authentication. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram use it.

Create eCommerce application

Ecommerce titans like Amazon and others employ React.js. With the support of this outstanding technology, you can create expansive, feature-rich, and highly secure eCommerce stores that can handle a lot of traffic. It can also be used to create the web app’s checkout page. Additionally, React.js is used by food delivery services like uber eats to find the customer placing the order and completing the transaction.

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