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I would like to know more about your project, and i think that meeting with me would be the best way to tell me more about your project, however, i can be contacted on different social media if you are more of a text person too 😉

As part of my hobbies i like to post content to social media, follow me on my socials to learn more about technologies if you like to!

Remember…. With a huge experience on global collaboration, I am ready to take on your project anywhere you are.

Marny is a conscientious, thorough and expert Full Stack Developer. He is adept at assessing issues and requirements, solving problems and coding solutions in an efficient and high quality fashion. But, most of what I enjoyed about Marny is his positive/can-do attitude, and his willingness to be a team player. I hope to continue to work with Marny in the future, and I am proud to work with Marny as part of our extended team. Thank you Marny.

Bob Foster

President and Founder, GlobalNow Inc.